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#3750/kg export to the UK, Delivery in 2-5 business days,
Pickup nationwide, Free packaging

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Some of the local products we help our customers ship via Air to any part of the world
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Since 2009, shiptonaija has shipped well over 1,000,000 items from all parts of the world to Nigeria and from Nigeria to over 250 countries. We have served more than 150,000 customers. Here are some of the shipping solutions we have for our customers

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We offer hassle-free, reliable, and cheap means to export your personal products from Lagos, Nigeria to the USA and we increase your source of income as a businessperson when you export through Shiptonaija and sell on Amazon.


Enjoy faster delivery and affordable shipping cost with any of our four shipping methods. Basic, standard, express and priority shipping. Now flexible to meet your budget and delivery time.


With up to three (3) or four (4) containers leaving our USA warehouse in Houston and Atlanta every week, you are guaranteed delivery of your packages in 6 to 8 weeks in Nigeria.

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Car shipping at very affordable rates via secured container shipping. You can trust us to pamper your cars, there will be no scratch, dent or damage and in 6 to 8 weeks it will be in Nigeria.


Your recipients are not left to go handle the clearing of your items, we offer an all-in-one shipping service, from picking up, shipping, clearing at the port up to delivery in Nigeria.


No one covers Nigeria like we do. We ship to any location across Nigeria. So, if you need to send items to your family/partners in the North, East, West or South, we’ve got you covered.

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We handle pick up for our customers in the US. You can mail your packages to us or have us pick up your shipment for onward shipping to Nigeria. We can also pickup nation wide in Nigeria and ship to any part of the world

We bridge the gap between you and your favourite brands in the USA. Because of our procurement specialist you can get whatever you need and when you want it from the comfort of your home. No card limit, no location barriers.

Oversized cargo or bulky items, our trucking service will have them delivered to you, like we promised you, from your manufacturers warehouse in the US down to your doorstep wherever you are in Nigeria.


Shiptonaija formally known as shop from America when it sprang up in 2009 was intended for downlines in the network marketing companies to get their product to their targeted clients. This idea spearheaded into a global company that creates opportunities for local shoppers to get products internationally.

With over 15,000 customers, ShiptoNaija is the number one company in USA, UK and China that ships globally to any location in Nigeria and from anywhere in Nigeria to the world. We deliver with professionalism and on time as seen by the 3 major carriers such as UPS, DHL, and FedEx, while doing this at a fraction of their cost. We offer import, export, procurement, auto shipping, clearing and warehousing services that have been used by thousands of customers both Nigerians and foreigners shipping all over the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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 Where is your office located and how do l reach you?

We have 3 offices in the USA, a Big Warehouse in Lagos, an office in Ibadan and Abuja Nigeria:

Houston Warehouse 10511 Kipp Way, Suite 430, Houston, TX-77099,

USA Houston Drop Off Center 9805 Bissonnet Street, Suite N, Houston, TX-77036, USA Atlanta Warehouse 3770 Zip Industrial Blvd, Suite D, Atlanta, GA-30354 Lagos,

Nigeria Warehouse 11 Ajibade Oke Street, Ajao Estate, Isolo Phone Number: +1 888 7447 952 or (+234) 0700 800 7000 or (+234) 0908 777 0514 Email:

Ibadan Nigeria Office Shiptonaija Office A6, Bayse One Checkmate Plaza, Adeoye Roundabout Beside Polaris bank. Phone Number: +1 888 7447 952 or (+234) 0700 800 7000 or (+234) 0908 777 0514 Email:

Abuja, Nigeria Office Suite M212, Millenium Builders Plaza, Plot 251, Herbert Macaulay Way, Opposite NNPC, Towers CBD, Abuja Phone Number: +1 713 597 6132 or (+234) 0700 800 7000 or (+234) 0908 777 0514 Email:

 Where do you ship from and to??

We ship from all over the US to Nigeria. We also ship from UK to Nigeria. We also ship from China and anywhere in the world to Nigeria. We also offer export services from Nigeria to any where in the world.

How many days does it take on average to receive my items?

Our air shipping from Nigeria to any location in the world is one of the fastest you can think of, in most cases averaging the same speed as DHL but for a fraction of the cost. Shipments from Nigeria takes 3 to 5 business days to anywhere in the world, and those from the USA takes 4 to 6 business days to reach our Lagos office at Isolo.

What do you export from Nigeria?

We export a lot of food products, fashion and many items from Nigeria to any where in the world.


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