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Frequently Asked Questions

 How much do you charge ?

Our shipping cost is straight forward to calculate, we charge per kg from 20.1 kg and above. Get A Quote

Do you offer ocean shipping to UK and Canada and when does collection starts?

At the moment, we offer consolidated ocean shipment to US, and it docks at New Jersey but Ocean shipment to another country has to be a full container load or 40ft container.

I have palm oil, can you help me get buyers abroad?

Yes, you will have to meet with our specialist to analyze the product to know if it is profitable in the US market or not.

Can you ship Agbalumo?

We do not ship Agbalumo (Cherry) or any kind of fresh fruits or seeds as it is not allowed in the destination country.

Do you ship to Iraq?

Yes, we do ship to Iraq, but a fee of #31,500 will be added to the shipping fee because it is a restricted area.

I am in Nigeria, how do my items get to you?

We have offices in different locations in Nigeria where you can walk in to drop your items, and we can also pick up from any location to our warehouse.

Do you also ship from China/Vietnam/UK?

All items can be sent to our warehouse in China with your unit number on the package.

Can I get your office address/phone number?

We have offices in Abuja, Ibadan, Lagos and Port Harcourt. Click here to contact us.

How many days does shipping take?

Export shipping takes 3 - 5 business days after payment has been confirmed.

Will I pay after the items gets to its destination?

Custom duty is to be paid and this payment is liable to be paid in the destination country.

Can you move things from Lagos to Abuja and Port-harcourt?

We only offer services from Nigeria to Anywhere in the world, and from Anywhere in the world to Nigeria.

Is there any food items you don’t ship?

We only ship food items like; Cassava Flour, Yam Flour, Plantain flour, Beans Flour, Groundnut, Plantain Chips(made of unripe plantain), Dried Catfish, Dried Crayfish, Dried blended Melon, Dried blended pepper, Dried Bush Mango, Dried locust bean, Cashewnut, Dried bitter leaf, Dried Ugwu leaf, Local spices, Dried Uziza leaf, Dried snails e.t.c. to UK, US, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, and IRELAND. Food items to these countries has to be dried  and grinded.

Can I have your price list?

Our rate card will be sent, and that excludes insurance i.e. 1.5% of the value of the items, and VAT is 7.5% of the shipping cost.

Can you pick up or I have to deliver to your address?

We offer pick up services from anywhere in Nigeria to our warehouse. you can also get your items delivered directly to our address .

Is the cost advertised the only payment I am making?

Customs Duty is a tax imposed on imports and exports of goods, and is liable to be paid in the destination country.

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