Sea Cargo Shipping to Nigeria

Our sea cargo shipping to Nigeria allows you move heavy items, break bulk, cars, trucks, bikes, full container load or less than container load to Nigeria. With our sea cargo shipping to Nigeria, ShipToNaija will deliver all sizes of cargo, ensuring guaranteed delivery to all parts of Nigeria. ShipToNaija has the ability to move your cargo direct to major towns across Nigeria with affordable rates that saves you 50 - 75% on shipping from as little as a pound to over 100, 000 kg.

ShipToNaija's Guarantee to all our customers is simple

  • 25% refund on your shipping cost if we delay your shipment beyond the estimated time.
  • 100% refund on your declared value and shipping cost if anything happens to your items.
  • ​Yes. We are confident in our service and can boldly make this guarantee.

However, note we do not have refund policy on cars.

About ShipToNaija

With about 13 years’ experience in the shipping business and having served over 150,000 customers, Shiptonaija is the cheapest way to ship a package from anywhere you are in the world to Nigeria and from Nigeria to any location in the world. Here at shiptonaija we offer 100% guaranteed delivery alongside our best shipping rate from Houston to Nigeria. We offer different services which have been used by thousands of clients looking for affordable international shipping.

To enjoy affordable, stress-free and fast shipping service from the USA

Our Transit Time for Sea Cargo Shipping to Nigeria

  • ​We ship out from the USA to Nigeria every week.
  • ​Transit time is 6-8 weeks once container sail.
  • All sea cargo shipping from USA to Nigeria are cleared within 6 business days in Nigeria.

Note: To meet up with our ship out day, you must drop off and pay for your items to be shipped out on Tuesday 5pm (Nigerian time) from our Atlanta warehouse. With our great service delivery, we can boldly make this guarantee because we know Shiptonaija is the fastest way to ship a package.


Sea cargo shipping to Nigeria from anywhere in the USA is now simplified and cost effective:

  • Register on to get a free mailbox in less than 30 seconds.
  • ​Verify your phone number using the code sent to you via SMS.
  • Update your delivery address, where all items will be delivered to in Nigeria.
  • Mail your items to our Houston office or drop off to save cost if you are within Houston.
  • ​We receive your item and update your mailbox then ship out immediately.

A dedicated warehouse personal in our Lagos Warehouse

Our team of dedicated staff in our Atlanta office

Our team of dedicated staff in our Lagos office


We have two options to enable you determine your shipping cost. :

If you know the weight and dimensions of your item, simply enter it in the first module to get an accurate shipping cost.

Our item quote tool below will enable you to select commonly shipped items to see estimated shipping costs.

​Enter the weight and dimensions (Length, width and height) of your item to get a 100% accurate shipping cost.

Why Choose Us for Your Sea Cargo Shipping from USA Needs

We guarantee you savings up to 75% on shipping cost compared to the 3 major shippers, our rates are very affordable and you can ship heavy and bulky items from the USA to anywhere in Nigeria.

We offer pick-up service no matter where you are in the US, simply request for a pick-up service and we will be right there in front of your doorstep to pick up your items to air freight to Nigeria. Unlike other companies that will send items to you as they arrive, making you pay minimum costs irrespective of the number of items, with ShipToNaija, our system is designed to combine all the items and ship them as one

We are highly rated and recommended by our esteemed customers, with a Facebook customer rating of 4.9 stars, as well as Google customer ratings of 4.6 stars. This shows that customers are fully satisfied with the quality of the services we render.

We cover all regions in Nigeria, from the North to the South, East and West. Wherever you need your items delivered to in Nigeria, you can bank on us to get it delivered.

We have a team of well-trained staffs both in the US and Nigeria that are fully dedicated to ensuring you experience peace of mind every time you send or receive items to and from Nigeria.


Awarded Most Reliable Shipping Company (2019-2023)

We are trusted by over 15,000 Nigerians who have used our service happily to ship from the USA to various parts of Nigeria.