A lot of Nigerian customers have experienced distress trying to shop and ship to Nigeria, they complain about how difficult it is to shop from the US to Nigeria. While some say, “I am too busy with work to shop for what I want, so I will rather just buy it here from local stores” others say “I can’t even go through the stress of online shopping myself, it’s no fun, searching for an item that I can’t place an order for”. Let us not forget those that keep trying to shop from the US, and their items never get delivered to them in Nigeria or those whose card declines when they try to make payment for their items”. These and many more scare Nigerian shoppers from buying what they love from the US. However, shiptonaija offers a solution that works for both individual shoppers and business owners and this is what we call the procurement service, at shiptonaija, we provide you with a personal shopper that takes care of your shopping and payment of all the items you need here in Nigeria.

How our procurement services work

There are two easy ways you can use our personal shopper service to buy products you need from US and UK online stores. Follow these simple steps to have this at your fingertip

We Shop :

>> Sign up with us at
>> Log in to your ShiptoNaija account, click on Shopforme and select order form from the drop-down
>> Fill the form, select the country of purchase, the store, category, and subcategory, enter the Url /direct link of the item, the cost as seen online, the quantity, colour, size and domestic shipping/sales tax from the store (If any) and add to bag
>> Repeat the same step above if there are more items to add to the bag
>> Once you are done adding all items to your bag, select add to my warehouse to check out and make the payment or send me my shipping cost so we can add the shipping cost to your Shopforme order and pay for both the procurement cost and shipping cost all at once.
>> Select the payment method of your choice and proceed to make payment for your Shopforme order.
>> However, if the store you intend shopping from is not added to the list of stores, kindly select the option ''Not Listed''
>> Once your payment is successful, we will receive your order and your order will be placed within 24 working hours and you will be updated accordingly.

We Ship :

>> We wait for all items we have shopped to arrive the warehouse and shipped out together
>> As your personal shopper, you are never charged for storage until the store delivers all items to the warehouse
>> Your storage only starts counting when all items have been delivered unlike when you shop on your own

We Deliver :

>> We have your items delivered to you within 5-8 business days
>> You can also choose to come to pick up your items from our warehouse in Nigeria once it arrives.

NOTE: For our customers to enjoy not just the finest things in life but also have items of superior quality, shiptonaija came up with our shopforme service to help customers tackle the issue of failed credit cards, items they are unable to procure from US and UK and purchases these online stores cannot ship directly to them in Nigeria

Our Shopforme specialist can assist you if….


  • Fast order – You can place your order in 15 minutes via phone.
  • 14 days free storage – There is no limit to the quantity you can buy.
  • We pay with our own card – Not to worry if a store declines your card, we will pay with ours, if they don’t accept yours.
  • ​Consolidation to reduce shipping cost – You can place orders you need from one or multiple online stores in USA and UK.
  • Delivery from 5 days via air shipping – You choose when you want to ship out on any of these days Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • ​Sourcing of hard to find or scarce products – Our team of personal shoppers are trained to main relationship with international suppliers/merchants



You Save 50% to 75% on Shipping Cost:
We guarantee you savings up to 75% on shipping cost compared to the 3 major shippers, our rates are very affordable and you can ship heavy and bulky items from the USA to anywhere in Nigeria.

We Pick-Up from Any Location in the USA:
For your convenience we offer pick-up services in any location in the US, you can request for a pick-up by sending an email to, and we will be there to help you pick-up any item no matter the size.

Customer Ratings & Testimonials:
We are highly rated and recommended by our esteemed customers, with a Facebook customer rating of 4.9 stars, as well as Google customer ratings of 4.6 stars. This shows that customers are fully satisfied with the quality of the services we render. Here are some customer testimonials:

We Cover Nigeria:
We cover all regions in Nigeria, from the North to the South, East and West. Wherever you need your items delivered to in Nigeria, you can bank on us to get it delivered.

Team of Dedicated Staff:
We have a team of well-trained staffs both in the US and Nigeria that are fully dedicated to ensuring you experience peace of mind every time you send or receive items to and from Nigeria.