Importing From Nigeria To USA

It is simpler to receive goods from friends, family, and coworkers in Nigeria when you use ShiptoNaija. Enjoy stress-free, dependable, and quick shipping from any location in Nigeria to the US, with door-to-door delivery coverage that is both economical and timely to meet your demands.

About ShipToNaija

With over 15,000 customers, ShiptoNaija is the number one company in the USA that can ship from anywhere to Nigeria and deliver with professionalism and on time as seen by the 3 major carriers such as UPS, DHL, and FedEx, while doing this at a fraction of their cost.

To enjoy affordable, stress-free and fast air shipping service from the USA

How Do I Ship From Nigeria to USA?

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  • ​Have your friends and family send the item to our pick centre or offices in Nigeria.
  • They will choose the shipping method. Either via air or sea, if you have full container load. Any item can be shipped via air – big or small.

Our office is located at 5a Banana close off Latif Salami Street, Ajao Estate by Airport Rd.

​To get our drop off locations in Nigeria, call 0700 800 7000 or go to our contact us page for details.

What Items Can I Ship From Nigeria to USA?

  • African made drums
  • Boxes of African made fabrics
  • ​Boxes of Ankara fabrics
  • Equipment shipped from Nigeria to USA for repairs

Document Needed When Shipping From Nigeria?

  • Document for commercial invoice
  • Document for packing list​

How Long is Shipping From USA to Nigeria?

At ShiptoNaija, we deliver to your door anywhere you are in USA. We can pick up your items from all locations in Nigeria.

  • Air shipping from USA takes from 5 business days  from Nigeria to anywhere in USA.
  • Items dropped off at our partner locations in Nigeria will be moved to Lagos for packaging.
  • We ship out as we receive your items in our Lagos office.

Benefits Of Using Shiptonaija

Responsive Customer Service

We want you to be able to reach us most times and speak to a real customer service agent with full details of your shipment status. Unlike other companies, we are available from 9 am Nigerian time (so as to serve the receivers mostly) and to 6 pm US Central time. Need to reach us, dial +888 7447 952 to talk to a knowledgeable agent at any time.

We go nuts to ensure your items arrive in perfect condition. From processes such as separation of liquids from solids, crating of all fragile items, and the use of extremely strong triple layer boxes for most items, things may still go wrong and you may experience damage. This is where our full insurance coverage takes over. We will refund you the declared value of your items plus any shipping cost paid. Once confirmed, the refund takes 48 hours or less.

See More Reasons Customers Trust ShiptoNaija

  • ShiptoNaija ensures that you get an effective packaging and delivery from anywhere in Nigeria to anywhere in USA. Our shipping service typically covers every state in Nigeria and the entire USA.
  • Proper packaging and handling – At ShiptoNaija proper packaging and handling of your goods/products are essential for our guaranteed delivery. Each package will be screened to ensure they are packaged using the right materials for maximum protection while in transit until it is delivered to your door in the exact condition we received it.

Please note that the method of packing or shipping will depend on your product.