Are you in need of reliable, affordable and speedy air freight from abroad to Nigeria? You need to look no further as we provide affordable, reliable and faster air cargo to Nigeria from USA. Our air shipping rates from Houston and Atlanta to Nigeria is as low as $4.39/lbs.

We ship out once to Nigeria, on Thursdays from both our Houston and Atlanta warehouses with an estimated delivery period of 8-10 business days. With our Air shipping service, you stand a chance of saving up to 75% on your shipping cost compared to the major shippers; you also won’t need to worry as we promise you peace of mind when using our air freight service. Your items are fully insured, we refund you the declared shipment value and shipping cost within 48 hours if anything happens to your items.

Steps To Ship Via Air With ShipToNaija

*Sign up with us today to get a free warehouse address where your merchant can mail your purchased items. You need to ship to Nigeria via air. You can do this from any location in the USA. Click here to sign up for free.

>> Drop off your items to be shipped to Nigeria through any of the following means:
* You can drop off in our Houston location (9805 Bissonnet Street, Suite N (Beside Farmers Market and Directly behind Finger Licking Restaurant), Texas, 77036)
* 10511 Kipp Way, Suite 430, Houston, Texas, 77099 US
* Atlanta office: 3770 Zip Industrial Blvd, Suite D, Atlanta, Georgia, 30354, US.
>> You can request a pick-up service, and we will send a driver to your doorstep. To schedule for a pick-up, send an email with subject line Air Shipping Pick-Up Service to reachus@shiptonaija.com
>> You can also mail your items to us using any reputable courier service.

*Warehouse update: We receive your items; update them in your free warehouse address

*Make payment for your items to be shipped out to Nigeria; we ship out your items as soon as possible, either through Houston or Atlanta.
*NB: Deadline for our Payment cut-off Time is Monday 5pm Nigerian time (for our Houston warehouse) and Tuesday 5pm Nigerian time (for our Atlanta warehouse)

With our weekly air shipping from the USA to Nigeria, your shipments arrive in Nigeria in a timely manner. You also enjoy rates as low as $4.39/lb when you’re shipping from Houston and Atlanta to Nigeria.

Our Air Shipping Schedule & Transit

Our Air shipping from USA to Nigeria is way fast, as we ship out to Nigeria every week
>> Houston and Atlanta warehouse: Thursday
Estimated Delivery Time: 8-10 business days

Note: To meet up with our ship-out day, you must drop off and pay for your items to be shipped out on or before Monday 5pm (Nigerian time) from our Houston warehouse and Tuesday 5pm (Nigerian time) from our Atlanta warehouse.

What you can ship using our air shipping:

>> Laptops
>> Mobile phones
>> Electronics
>> New Clothes & other fashion accessories
>> Beverages
>> Auto parts
>> Documents
>> Pharmaceutical products
>> Books
>> and a lot more

Here Are Other Benefits You Enjoy With Our Air Shipping Services

It’s faster and affordable:
With our twice a week air shipping from USA to Nigeria, your shipments arrive Nigeria in a timely manner. You also enjoy rates as low as $3.69/lb when you’re shipping from Houston and Atlanta to Nigeria.

Responsive Customer Service:
You enjoy responsive customer support via email, phone call, live chat and social media channels, all backed with 16 hours of live customer support daily.

Our Refund Policy
You get 10% refund on your shipping cost, if we fail to deliver your items within our stipulated time frame. We have a track record of delivering 99.9% successfully as promised to all locations in Nigeria.
You have a 100% refund if anything happens to your item. This is typically done in 48 hours. Our 100% refund covers the full value of your item as you have declared in the invoice of purchase and the total shipping cost spent.

Online Tracking:
You can track your items until they are delivered, yet we keep you updated every step of the way through the ShipToNaija App.

Pick-Up Service Available:
We offer pick-up service no matter where you are in the US, simply request for a pick-up service and we will be right there in front of your doorstep to pick up your items to be shipped to Nigeria. To request a pick-up, send an email to reachus@shiptonaija.com.

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