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 Fast Delivery at the

 Lowest Shipping cost 

 from and to Anywhere In The World

     Send And Receive items at your doorstep in 3-5 days

 Fast Delivery with

 Lowest Shipping cost 

from and to Anywhere In The World

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Thinking of saving thousands when you ship abroad...

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Thinking of saving thousands
when you ship abroad...

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What We Do For You

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Pick-Up Service

We pick up right from your doorstep and deliver to anywhere in the world.

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Air Shipping

Enjoy faster delivery and affordable shipping cost with all within 3-5 days

Ocean Shipping

 You are guaranteed delivery of your packages in 8 -10 weeks in Nigeria at a very affordable rate

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Auto/Car Shipping

Car shipping at very affordable rates via secured container shipping in 6 to 8 weeks.

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We help you buy and deliver any item you want from USA. No card limit, no location barriers.

Door Step Delivery

No one does doorstep delivery
do Nigeria like we do. We ship to any location across Nigeria. 

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Abisola Esan

Abisola Esan, CEO of Shiptonaija since 2020, brings over a decade of experience to the global logistics scene. Her journey through various roles within the company showcases her commitment to growth and excellence. Abisola is known for her tech-savvy approach, revolutionizing international logistics through the Shiptonaija application. Her leadership style and dedication to innovation have made her a standout figure in the industry.

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Our Goal

Providing you an affordable shopping and shipping with just one click
We are dedicated and committed to helping Individuals and business sending items from US, UK and China to Nigeria or from Nigeria to the world be it food, fashion items, cosmetics etc.
Our vision is to see you shipping the right way to your family or clients by getting the fastest shipping service as well as help businesses maximize profit while having international recognition.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

I Trust them a lot and I have had no issues in my close to 8 months of using their services.Drop off Wednesday, by next week Wednesday my shipment is ready for pickup.Ship ocean with other companies it will take 5-6 months.I have not had my shipment stay for more than 2 months by ocean with Shiptonaija

I choose shiptonaija because of professionalism and the delivery method. They are very very reliable and whenever a shipping company promises you about delivery, you are actually expecting them to deliver but this company under-promise but over-delivers. So, I will really really strongly recommend them to anyone.

I use Shiptonaija because it is safe and you can track your shipment and you don’t have to worry about your items not getting there, it’s always a problem when sending items to Nigeria like the problem of tracking. Shiptonaija removes that fear that is the reason why I always use them.


Frequently Asked Questions

 What are your shipping rates?

Our rates are fixed and generally 50% to 70% less than rates from the major shipper, making it about the cheapest in the country for the same or better quality of service. We offer discounts depending on the size and frequency of your shipment. 

How long does the shipping take?

Shipments reach most world wide locations in 3 to 5 business days. Delays do occur once in a while, but we have maintained an on-time delivery success rate of more than 99%. 

Can you deliver to my home or office?

Yes, we offer door to door delivery in all countries we serve. Please use our quote form to see how much it will be to ship to your destination.

How do l track my shipment?

Simply track your shipment by entering your invoice number or tracking number or airway bill number on the tracking page. Note that only the invoice number assigned to you will work for tracking.

How do l know the shipping cost before l send it to you?

Our shipping cost is straight forward to calculate, and you can determine the exact shipping cost from our get a quote page. Simply enter the weight and dimensions and click on CHECK NOW to get an estimated shipping cost.

How do l pay for shipments?

We make it easy to pay online using the various payment methods. These include US issued credit cards, PayPal for all other locations, online transfer, debit card as well as specific payment solution designed for other countries where we have established partners.

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Join My Free Export Training

Join My Free Export Training

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